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Two Worlds Magazine

Two Worlds magazine for Spiritualists was founded in 1887 by Emma Hardinge Britten.

Now Two Worlds is run by Tony Ortzen and Garry Johnson. Tony has been involved in the paranormal for around thirty years. He has known and interviewed some of the world's leading mediums and acted as consultant to various publishing companies. Garry Johnson is the Two Worlds office manager.

Fortean Times

The Journal of Strange Phenomena

The Traditional Astrologer Magazine

Now in its third year of publication, and going from strength to strength, astrologers throughout the world are turning to The Traditional Astrologer as an essential reference for techniques and historical biographies. The issues link together, building-up into an encyclopaedic collection and allowing the serialisation of major works and text-books from the past. In each issue we feature the life and work of a notable historical astrologer, and take a detailed look at some of the traditional techniques that form the backbone of today's modern practice.

Kindred Spirit

Why wait until your favourite guide to body, mind and spirit has arrived in your local newsagent, health food store or other outlet when you can have it delivered straight to your door? Over 100 colourful pages full of uplifting news and features to brighten your life and rekindle your connection to what's positive in this existence!


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