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Psychics in South Yorkshire

To find a good psychic medium for a private one-to-one consultation we suggest you visit your local Spiritualist Church and ask the medium's secretary for a recommendation. Psychics in South Yorkshire UK Spiritualist Churches: Below is a list of local venues and Spiritual Organisations in your area. Spiritualist Churches are open to the public and you can just turn up to watch the demonstrations by the psychic mediums.

Acorn Spiritualist Group

Brushes Communicty Centre, West Quadrant, Firth Park, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Attercliffe Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

Bold Street, Attercliffe, Sheffied, South Yorkshire S9 2LR
Sun. 6.30pm Divine Service
Mon. 7.30pm Open Circle and Healing
Tue. 1.30pm Open Circle, 7.30pm Development and Awareness
Wed. 7.30pm Clairvoyance
Fri. Specials as advertised
Sat. 7.00pm Open Circle and Healing

Barnsley Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

Pitt Street West Barnsley South Yorkshire S70 1BB
01226 245396.
Sun. 6.15pm Divine Service
Tue. 7.00pm Awareness and Development Circle
Wed. 7.00pm Clairvoyance Service
Thu. 12.30-3.00pm Healing Clinic
Fri. 7.00pm Socials and Specials as announced
Sat. 6.30pm Healing Service, 7.30pm Open Circle

Bentley Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

Rostholme Yark, Askern Road, Bentley, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN5 OEP
Sun. 6.30pm Divine Service
Tue. 7.00pm Open Circle
Thu. (1st in month, except Jan. and Aug.) 7.00pm Special

Brierley Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

Church Street, Brierle, Barnsley, South Yorkshire
Sun. 6.00-7.15pm Service
Fri. 6.00-6.45pm Healing, 7.00-8.00pm Open Circle, (1st in month) Speaker

College Road Spiritualist Church

College Road, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN1 3JH

Darnall Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

315 Shirland Lane, Darnall, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S9 3FN
Sun. 6.30-8.00pm Divine Service
Mon. Specials; Wed. 7.30pm Healing Service
Thu. 7.30-9.00pm Open Circle
Fri. 7.30pm Awareness & Development
Sat. 7.30-9.00pm Service

Doncaster Progressive Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

Catherine Street, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN1 3PS
Sun. 6.30pm Philosophy and Demonstration of Mediumship
Mon. 7.00pm Demonstration of Mediumship
Thu. 7.00pm Open Development Circle
Fri. 7.00pm Spiritual Healing Service
Specials as announced

Doncaster College Road Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

College Road, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN1 3JH
01302 768801.
Sun. 6.30pm Divine Service
Mon. 7.00pm Open Circle
Tue. 11.00am Open Circle
Thu. 7.00pm Healing Service
Sat. 7.00pm Clairvoyant Service

Mexborough Spiritualist Church

Moorends Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

Newholme Drive, off Marshlands Road, Moorend, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN8 4TB
Sun. 6.00pm Divine Service
Mon. 6.30pm Open Circle
Tue. 6.30-8.00pm Healing
Wed. 10.30am-1.00pm Healing
Thu. 7.00pm Clairvoyance Evening
Sat. Special Events as announced

Parkgate Spiritualist Society
SNU affiliated

2 Ashwood Road, Parkgate, Rotherham, South Yorkshire S62 6HT
Sun. 6.30pm Service
Mon. 6.15-7.00pm Healing, 7.10pm Open Circle
Wed. 7.00-10.00pm Open Circle
Thu. 7.00pm Speaker and Demonstrator
Sat. 10.15am-12noon Healing

Rotherham Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

Percy Street, Rotherham, South Yorkshire S65 1ED
Sun Divine Service 7.00pm
Tues. fortnightly Special Demonstrations

Safe Harbour
(Visiting medium once a month)
Queen's Drive Community Centre,
Rowan Garth,
Doncaster, DN5 9QQ

Sheffield Centre Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

1 Clarkson Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S10 2TQ
0114 255 1543.
Sun. 6.30-8.00pm Divine Service
Mon. 7.00-8.00pm Clairvoyance
Fri. 6.00-8.00pm Healing Clinic

Stainforth Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

Station Road, Stainforth, Doncaster, South Yorkshire
Sun. 6.30pm Service with Speaker - Demonstrator
Mon. 11.0am Healing Service
Wed. 7.00pm Open Circle
Specials as advertised

Sunbeams Spiritualist Society

The Womens Institute, Sheep-Bridge Lane, Rossington, Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Warmsworth & Edlington Spiritualist Centre
SNU affiliated

Edlington Lane, Warmsworth, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN4 9LT
Sun. 6.00pm Philosophy and Demonstration
Tue. 6.15pm Healing Service, 7.30pm Open Circle
Thu. 7.00pm Demonstration of Mediumship
Sat. 2.00pm (fortnightly) Lyceum

Wath & West Melton Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

6 Barnsley Road, Wath on Dearne, Rotherham, South Yorkshire S63 6PY
Sun. 6.30-8.00pm Divine Service
Tue 7.00-8.30pm Special
Thu. 6.00-6.45pm Healing, 7.00-8.00pm Open Circle

Whitham Road Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

109 Whitham Road, Broomhill, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S10 2SL
Sun. 3.00pm and 6.30pm Services
Tue.Monthly Special
Thu. 2.00-4.00pm Healing
Sat. 7.30pm Service

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