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Some of the organizations below offer psychic reading services in London. You can also look here for Spiritualist churches where you can watch mediums demonstrate or enjoy and evening of clairvoyance. Many Spiritualist Churches offer free Evenings of Clairvoyance where you can get proof of life after death for free. Visiting Craig or Jane personally is about 2 hours train journey from London.


Craig & Jane

Private one to one readings with Craig or Jane
You may live close enough to us to have a personal reading. We are based in Eastleigh near Southampton in Hampshire UK. This is about 2 hours from London by train
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For those who are unable to travel or have trouble getting around London then you may want to consider out telephone clairvoyance services. Click the buttons on the left of this screen and you will be able to have your own personal reading now.

We also offer visitors to this website Free psychic readings in our psychic community area. Join up with our free online community and enjoy talking to psychics and mediums now.

Spiritual Organisations:


Acton Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

The Cottage, Woodhurst Road, Acton, London W3 6SL
0208 896 0184.
Sun. (1st in month) 6.30pm Divine Service
Wed. 7.30pm Service
Thu. 7.30pm Healing

Balham Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

Hamilton Hall, 211 Balham High Road, Balham, London SW17 7BQ
Sun. 11.00am and 6.00pm Services
Wed. 7.30pm Clairvoyance
Thu. 6.00pm Healing; Fri. 5.00pm Healing
Sat. 2.00pm Healing

Battersea Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

Bennerley Hall, 46 Bennerley Road, Northcote Road, Battersea, London SW11 6DS
Sun. 6.00pm Service
Mon. 2.00-3.40pm Healing
Wed. 2.00pm (1st in month) Friendship Club
Thu. 7.30pm Evening of Clairvoyance
Fri. 7.00-8.00pm Healing
Sat. 2.00pm (3rd in month) Private Readings (book in advance)
Various meetings (see Church Programme).

Clapham Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

11a North Street, Old Town, Clapham, London SW4 0HN
Sun. 6.00pm Address and Clairvoyance
Tue. 6.00pm Private Readings, Healing and Coffee
Wed. 7.30pm Members Developing Circle
Thu. 12noon-2.00pm Healing; 7.30pm Developing Circle
Fri. 7.30-9.00pm Clairvoyance
Sat. 7.30pm Service

Edmonton Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

14 Linnell Road, Edmonton, London N18 2QW
020 8803 8420.
Sun. 6.00pm Service and Clairvoyance
Mon. 2.00pm Service and Clairvoyance, 7.20pm Open Circle
Tue. 1.30-2.30pm and 7.30-9.00pm Healing
Thu. (1st and 3rd in month) 7.30-9.00pm Clairvoyance
Special Events as advertised

Ealing Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

66-68 Uxbridge Road, Ealing, London W13 8RA
020 8567 0403
Sun. 6.30pm Divine Service
Mon. (fortnightly) 7.30pm Open Circle
Wed. 7.30pm Healing Service
Thu. 7.30pm Service; Sat. (monthly) 7.30pm Special Events

Eltham Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

64a Well Hall Road, Eltham, London SE9 6SH
01732 882 840.
Sun. 6.30pm Divine Service
Tue. 12noon-2.00pm and 7.30pm Healing
Wed. 2.30pm Service
Thu. (alternate weeks) 7.30pm Meditation
Fri. (last in month) 8.00pm Mediumship
Sat. Special Events as advertised

Enfield Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

331 Carterhatch Lane, Forty Hill, Enfield EN1 4AW
020 8363 3874.
Sun. 6.30-8.00pm Service
Mon. 12noon-3.00pm and 6.00-8.00pm Healing
Tue. Awareness
Thu. Divine Service
Sat. Specials as advertised

Fulham Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

Kelvedon Road, Fulham, London SW6 5BP
0207 736 7248.
Sun. 6.30pm Service, followed by Healing
Tue. 1.00-4.00pm Healing Clinic, (1st and 3rd in month) Open Circle
Thu. 11.00am-1.00pm Healing Clinic; 7.30pm Service, followed by Healing

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Little Ilford Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

Third Avenue, Manor Park, London E12 6DS
Sun. Evening Service
Wed. Afternoon Healing, Evening Service

Manor Park Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

Shrewsbury Road, Forest Gate, Manor Park, London E7
Sun. 6.30pm Service
Mon. 7.30pm Service
Thu. 12noon Healing, 2.00pm Service
Fri/Sat. Specials as advertised

North London Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

425 Hornsey Road, Islington, London N19 4DX
020 7272 0438.
Sun. 11.00am Divine Service, 4.45pm Meditation
Mon. 12noon-2.00pm Healing
Tue. 6.00-8.00pm Healing
Wed. 7.30pm Clairvoyance
Thu. 2.00pm Clairvoyance, (1st and 3rd in month) Healing Workshop, (4th in month) Discussion Group
Fri. 6.00-8.00pm Healing
Sat. 7.30pm Clairvoyance

Palmers Green Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

95 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London N13 4TD
01707 876 389.
Sun. 11.00am and 6.30pm Services
Mon. 2.30-6.00pm Healing Service

Plaistow Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

161 Cumberland Road, Plaistow, London E13
020 7790 2590.
Sun. 6.30pm Service
Wed. 11.30am-1.00pm Healing; 2.30pm Ladies' Meeting
Thu. 7.30pm Service
Fri. 7.30pm Healing Service
Sat. 7.30pm Special Evening

Rochester Square Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

Rochester Square, off Camden Road, London NW1 9RY
020 7435 7446
Sun.11.00am Service (May - Sept 6.30pm)
Tue. 2.00pm Service, 6.00-8.30pm Healing
Wed. 7.30pm Service
Sat. 7.30pm Service

Spiritualist Association of Great Britain
SNU affiliated

33 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8QB
020 7235 3351.
Sun. Divine Service, Demonstration and Healing
Mon. to Sat. 3.30pm Classes and Demonstrations, 7.00pm Healing and Private Sittings

Stockwell Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

St. Michael's Road, Stockwell, London SW9
020 7733 8232.
Sun. 5.30pm Address and Clairvoyance
Tue. 8.00pm Healing Circle
Wed. 6.00-7.15pm Healing, 7.30pm Service
Thu. 8.00pm Open Circle
Fri. 6.00-7.15pm Healing, 7.30pm Service
Sat. Various activities

Stratford Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

24 Idmiston Road, Stratford, London E15 1RG
Sun. 6.30-8.00pm Service
Tue. 7.00pm Healing
Wed. 7.30-9.00pm Service

Walthamstow Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

Vestry Road, Walthamstow, London E17 9RN
020 8503 6942.
Sun. 6.30pm Divine Service
Mon. 7.00-9.00pm Healing
Tue. 2.00pm; Wed. 7.30pm
Thu. 7.30pm Awareness Circle
Sat. Specials as announced

West Norwood Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

Ullswater Road, West Norwood, London SE27 0AL
020 8761 3733.
Sun. 6.30pm Service
Wed. 9.30am-2.00pm Healing, 2.30pm Clairvoyance Meeting (limit of 16)
Fri. 4.00-7.00pm Healing; Sat. 7.00pm Evening of Clairvoyance

Wickham Lane Spiritualist Church
SNU affiliated

95 Wickham Lane, Plumstead, London SE2 0XW
Sun. 6.30pm Service
Mon. 2.30pm Service, 8.15pm Healing
Tue. 2.30pm Healing
Wed. 7.30pm Service

Wimbledon Christian Spiritualist Church

136 Hartfield Road, Wimbledon, SW19 3TJ
0208 542 2394 (24 hour answerphone service)
Sun 11am Address & Clairvoyance 6.30 Address & Clairvoyance (every 4th Sun April-September)
1st Monday each month Developing the Inner Life (Meditations)
Tue 7.30 Clairvoyance
Wed 10.30am-7pm Healing 7.30 Clairvoyance
Special events Sat and Sun as advertised

Woodford Spiritualist Church

9 Grove Crescent, South Woodford, London E18 2JR
020 8989 6149
Sun. 6.30-8.00pm Divine Service
Mon. 2.00-3.00pm Demonstration
Wed. 2.00-4.00pm and 7.30-9.00pm Healing
Thu. and Sat. Special Events as advertised.


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