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Psychics in New South Wales Australia

Where can I find a Psychic Medium in New South Wales Australia?

Australian psychicsPsychics in New South Wales Australia- To find a good psychic medium for a private one-to-one consultation we suggest you visit your local Spiritualist Church and ask the medium's secretary for a recommendation.

At the bottom of this page is a list of local venues and Spiritual Organisations in your area. Spiritualist Churches are open to the public and you can just turn up to watch the demonstrations by the psychic mediums.

We also offer a psychic reading service to Australia with lots of top clairvoyants working into Australia. You can call for a psychic reading using the special dedicated numbers for Oz.


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Spiritual Organisations in New South Wales Australia

Banktown Spiritual Church

42 Northcote Road, Greenacre, N.S.W. 2190

Berkshire Park Spiritualist Church

34 First Street, Bershire Park, N.S.W. 2756
(02) 589 1082

Bexley North Spiritualist Church

38/165 Belmore Road, Riverwood, Bexley North, N.S.W. 2210
(02) 534-4637

Blaxland Spiritual Centre

109 Glenbrook Road, Blaxland, N.S.W. 2774

Bowral Spiritual Church

73 Mooreland Road, Tahmoor, N.S.W. 2573
(02) 589-1082

Campbelltown Christian Spiritual Church of Light

CWA Hall, King St, Campbelltown, NSW, 2560
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Campbelltown Spiritualist Church

5 Jarley Place, Ambervale, N.S.W. 2560

Chatswood Development Group

22-28 Parramatta Road, Summer Hill, N.S.W. 2190

Chatswood Spiritual Church

Girl Guides Hall, Thompson Avenue
off Barton Street, Artarmon, N.S.W. 2064
(02) 9971 5584

Church of United Spiritualism of Australia

61 King Street, Newcastle.
(049) 422 951

Corrimal Park Spiritualist Church

54 Dempster Street, Wollongong, N.S.W. 2500

Cronulla Spiritualist Church

3 Ewos Parade, Cronulla, N.S.W. 2230


Enmore Spiritualist Church

2 London Street, Enmore, N.S.W. 2042

Everyone's Spiritual Centre

172 Lawson St, Hamilton
(04) 926 2104

Everyone's Spiritual Church Association

PO Box 1107, Newcastle, N.S.W. 2300

Everyone's Spiritual Church Association

Cnr Moorhead and De Vitre Streets, Lambton, Newcastle
(02) 4968-3409

Granville Spiritualist Church

14 Davies Road, Springwood, N.S.W. 2777

Hawkesbury Spiritualist Centre

13 Bateman Place, Bligh Park, N.S.W. 2756

Hibbard Spiritual Church

198 Hastings River Drive, Port Macquarie
(065) 820694

Hills Spiritualist Centre

5 Hartley Road, Seven Hills, N.S.W. 2147
(02) 9674-2976

Hornsby Spiritualist Church

3 Sharon Close, Hornsby, N.S.W. 2077

Leura Spiritual Centre

PO Box 32, Hazelbrook, N.S.W. 2779

Leura Spiritualist Church

34 Hay Street, Lawson, N.S.W. 2783

Lighthouse Spiritual Centre

494 Windsor Road, Baulkham Hills, Sydney N.S.W. 2153.
(02) 968 62230

Lighthouse Spiritualist Centre

Civic Plaza, Office 1, Suite 12, 43 Ware Street, Fairfield, N.S.W. 2164
(02) 9754 1777

Minto Spiritual Church

Pembroke Rd by Redfern St, Minto

Minto Spiritualist Church

103 Potoroo Ave, St. Helens Park N.S.W. 2560

Newcastle Spiritualist Church

3 Swan St., Newcastle, N.S.W. 2300
(049) 263402

Nowra Spiritualist Church

Lot 1, Vallon Road, Nowra, N.S.W. 2229

Paddington Spiritualist Church

PO Box 399, Vauclose, N.S.W. 2030

Padstow Spiritual Church

6 Bryant Street, Padstow, N.S.W. 2211

Parramatta Spiritual Centre

25 King Street, Auburn, N.S.W. 2144

Psychic Enterprise

PO Box 179, Fairfield, NSW
(04) 0 4258 949

Rockdale Spiritual Sanctuary

Scout Hall, George St., Rockdale

Southern Highlands Spiritualist Centre

"Spiders Web" Lot 9, Cherrytree Close, Moss Vale 2577

Springwood Spiritualist Church

10 Park Road, Springwood, N.S.W. 2777

St. Marys Spiritual Centre

204 Woodstock Ave, Whalan, N.S.W. 2770

Sutherland Spiritual Church

123 Flora Street, Sutherland, Sydney N.S.W.
(02) 9528 2376

Sutherland Spiritual Church

Multipurpose Centre, Flora Street, Sutherland.
(02) 589-1082

Tembe Relaxation Centre

Lot 3, Sapphire Coast Drive, Merimbula

Truth and Light Spiritual Church

37 Alcoomie Crescent, Dapto, N.S.W. 2530

Warilla Spiritualist Church

PO Box 139, Warilla, N.S.W. 2528

Werrington Spiritual Church

55 Cam Street, Cambridge Park, N.S.W. 2747

Werrington Spiritualist Church

Victoria Cottage, Robuck St., Werrington
(047) 212211

White Haven Centre

Lot 42, Cassilis Road, Mudgee, N.S.W. 2850

Wollongong Christian Spiritualist Church

75 Queen Street, Warilla N.S.W. 2528