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Malta Psychic Phone ReadingsIf you live in Malta then you can use our International line that includes Psychic Phone Readings in Malta. A Psychic Phone Reading in Malta is done in English and the charge is made in advance to your credit card.

Call: 00 44 163 500 4747

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Live calls are solely for entertainment purposes.  Calls to freefone numbers are free, readings booked on freefone numbers are chargeable at the value or cost per minute rate advised at the time of booking. Readings booked on non GB Sterling cards may be subject to fluctuating currency exchange rates


How it works: For Malta Psychic Phone Readings you can dial our standard British Telephone line at the normal international rate to book your psychic reading. You can then book your reading by Credit Card and our psychic reader will call you back. The reading will be in ENGLISH.

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IT'S EASY: When you call the free phone number you will talk to the credit card team who will advise you of the most suitable available reader for your needs. If you request a specific reader they will check availability that suits you and the reader's operating hours. They will confirm with you which reading you would like (i.e.. 10, 20 or 30min reading) and then ask you for your credit card details. At the booked time the reader will call you at the designated landline number you provided. When the reading time is up the call will be terminated by the reader

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Some Testimonials about Craig's work as an Internet Medium:

"Unlike you may think, you answered my question to a 100%. This was a confirmation to my own thoughts and feelings about the situation. Now I know I was right and that I was going (and I am going) the right direction. And I know that I am going to be happy with my wife soon and will make her happy."
Alex B

"I am writing to thank you for the accurate reading you have sent me. Yes you were right, I do have long hair and I am engaged to a French Canadian and have been living with him for almost three years."
Kylie E

Thank you so much for your advice Craig. I am amazed how right you are about many things: I am indeed working within financial services as a bank manager a role which I have carried out for 4 years prior to my career break. And as you said, I have just completed an extensive trip including stops in Australia and New Zealand. I have also stopped running which was a sport I very much enjoyed and miss a great deal.
Patricia D

About Phone Mediums

What is a Phone Medium?

Unlike a phone psychic a phone medium not only can give information about you but also has the ability to sense the people communicating from the spirit world. A Phone Medium's objective is to give you verifiable information that gives proof that life continues after death. These readings are sometimes called: Mediumship Readings.

What Are Online Medium Readings

Online usually refers to 'On the Internet'. You can choose your phone mediums online as we have a special feed that enables you to see straight away which medium is available to give you a reading. The Online Mediums System also shows you which of our mediumistic readers are busy as well as giving you a complete list of our online Medium Readings Services.

Online Mediumship Courses

We also offer online mediumship courses for people wanting to develop their skills and maybe who may eventually join us as one of our Psychic Phone Medium.