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Italy Psychic Phone ReadingsIf you live in Italy then you can use our International line that includes Psychic Phone Readings in Italy. A Psychic Phone Reading in Italy is done in English and the charge is made in advance to your credit card.

Call: 00 44 163 500 4747

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Live calls are solely for entertainment purposes.  Calls to freefone numbers are free, readings booked on freefone numbers are chargeable at the value or cost per minute rate advised at the time of booking. Readings booked on non GB Sterling cards may be subject to fluctuating currency exchange rates.

Come funziona: Per le vostre letture psichiche del telefono potete comporre la nostra linea telefonica britannica standard al tasso internazionale normale per prenotare la vostra lettura psichica. Potete allora prenotare la vostra lettura dalla carta di credito ed il nostro lettore psichico li denominerà indietro. La lettura sarà in inglese.

Psychics in Italy


Via Fra' Paolo Sarpi 51
50136 Florence Italy
Phone number +39 055 666000

Bartalesi Cesare

Santa Croce
Via Ghibellina,
33 50122 Florence
Phone number +39 055 2479775

Le Soleil Service

Via Pietro Aretino 69
00137 Rome Italy
Phone number +39 06 82000626

Studio Universo 2000

Via Francesco Caracciolo 16
00192 Rome Italy
Phone number +39 06 39745822