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Canada Psychic Phone ReadingsIf you live in Canada then you can use our American International phone line to call the psychic readers and medium reader directly from Canada. A Psychic Phone Reading in Canada is done by phoning our US number and booking your reading by credit card. Once you have decided how long a reading you would like then one of the psychic readers or medium readers will then call you back.

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Live calls are solely for entertainment purposes.  Calls to freefone numbers are free, readings booked on freefone numbers are chargeable at the value or cost per minute rate advised at the time of booking. Readings booked on non GB Sterling cards may be subject to fluctuating currency exchange rates.

About Medium Readings

Most of the readings that people book on our site deal with issues about people's lives. However if you have asked one of the readers to work as a medium then we need to explain what this is and about what we can expect when using this method of clairvoyance.

Mediumship is communication with the spirit world. To do this we normally need to work face to face with our sitter. Working remotely by phone is not quite as easy as there is no 'fluence' between us and the medium is unable to know if they are going off track. Because of this sometimes the medium's own thoughts can get involved and you may occasionally need to allow for this. However, we endeavour to allow the spirit communicator to influence the readings and we anticipate that most of the information we give you will prove accurate.

Medium Readings are an experiment

Every mediumistic reading is an experiment. Spiritualism advises people that mediums cannot promise to get through a specific person. The communicator of the message will probably be known to you but may not necessarily always be the person that you hope may come through. Also you cannot ask direct questions requiring a specific answer as the medium can only give what is given him by the spirit world.

You will understand that this type of ESP requires very special conditions to be effective. If you have had a reading from one of us before you will know that we normally type a lot of text for our readings. However with mediumship, we need to spend some time in meditation prior to writing so you will appreciate that the number of words we type in the allocated time are a little less than for the standard life issue readings.

What is Mediumship?

Mediumship is the ability to communicate with people you know in the afterlife. Its objective is to prove survival of the human personality after death and to help the bereaved come to terms with their loss. Mediumistic sittings are not for fortune telling but are experimental sessions to provide evidence of survival. Any attempt to communicate with Spirit is, by its very nature, purely experimental and therefore, results can never be guaranteed.

The mediums' role is to bring you evidence of survival of the human personality after the change called death. We will do this by linking with your loved ones in the world of spirit and bring forward any messages they may have for you. Much of the evidence will be in the form of the spirit's personality and shared memories they may have with you. In addition, events, which are happening in your life now, may serve as proof that they are still caring for you. We only give names if we receive them as I feel they are not always important, as we all know many people of the same name.


How it works: For Canada Psychic Phone Readings you can dial our toll free US number tp book your reading. You can then book your reading by Credit Card and our psychic reader will call you back. The reading will be in ENGLISH (Sorry French Canadians!)

Call: 011 44 163 500 4747

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