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Psychic Phone Readings Bermuda

Bermuda Psychic Phone ReadingsIf you live in Bermuda you can use our International line for a Psychic Phone Readings from Bermuda. A Psychic Phone Reading in Bermuda is done in English and the charge is made in advance to your credit card.

How it works: For Bermuda Psychic Phone Readings you can dial our standard British Telephone line at the normal international rate to book your psychic reading. You can then book your reading by Credit Card and our psychic reader will call you back. The reading will be in ENGLISH.

Call: 011 44 163 500 4747

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Live calls are solely for entertainment purposes.  Calls to freefone numbers are free, readings booked on freefone numbers are chargeable at the value or cost per minute rate advised at the time of booking. Readings booked on non GB Sterling cards may be subject to fluctuating currency exchange rates.

Bermuda Based Readers & Astrologers

We do not have a home listings but many psychics and astrolgers work from the beach resorts and visit from the USA and UK. Please contact us if you know of reliable psychics working in Bermuda and we will add them to our listings.

Some of the places you can try include:

St. George Resort

6 Rose Hill 
Saint George, St. George's GE05  

Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa

30 Kings Point Rd, MA02, Bermuda
+1 441-234-0331

The Fairmont Hamilton Princess

76 Pitts Bay Rd