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Craig & JanePrivate one to one readings with Craig or Jane
Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker are available for private consultations at their home in Hampshire UK or by telephone. Craig gives telephone readings and Jane goves private sittings. They are based in Eastleigh near Southampton in Hampshire UK. This is about 2 hours south from London by train. Cost for a reading £75

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Famous Healers

Andrew Mc Keller
Andrew is a famous spiritual healer working from his home in Southampton Hampshire UK. Andrew offers a really powerful spiritual healing service and is considered as one of the top healers in the world today. Payment is by donation.

More Famous Mediums & Psychics

Stephen O'Brien - The Official Website
We consider Stephen to be one of the best and most sincere mediums working in the UK today. Once a famous TV medium he has moved out of the limelight to work directly with people. He is a highly spiritual person with high standards now working from his home in Wales.

Uri Geller - The Official Website
Uri Geller is an Israeli psychic television personality. He is known for his alleged ability to bend spoons by paranormal means.

John Edward - The Official Site
John Edward, is an American television psychic medium. He is best known for his American Television programmes 'Crossing Over with John Edward' and 'John Edward Cross Country'. Cost for a reading $850

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