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Where can I get my Ghost Pictures Analysed?

We have a number of websites dedicated to the study and analysis of ghost pictures. We have online camera experts and photographers who can analyse orbs, ghost pictures and spontaneous ghost images. We also have sections that look at ghost pictures from the past including a number of famous ghost pictures from Spiritualist séance.

The most active area of our website is the Ghost Picture Forum. Here you can post your ghost pictures and get some feedback from our visiting experts. You can upload your own ghost picture via our forum or have a look through the directory of ghost pictures to see which ones you consider to be real ghost pictures.

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Ghost Pictures Online

You can also read extracts from Craig's newspaper column about Phantoms Caught on Camera. You can see the pictures with close ups and an in-depth analysis of whether the Ghost picture is real or a Fake.

Spiritualist Ghost Pictures

Read commentary about Spiritualist Ghost Pictures. Are they real?

Other Ghost Picture Websites in our Network

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