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Where can I find a Ghost Club in my area?

We are currently building a new list of Ghost Clubs and Paranormal Investigation organisations. If you are looking for a ghost club or a team of paranormal investigators in your area then you may find it here in this spooky new section.

Genre covered include: Ghost Clubs, paranormal Investigators, Ghost Busters, Spirit Vigils, Haunted House Investigations, Electronic Voice Communications Groups, Spiritualist Circles, Paranormal Investigations, Ghost Clubs' Newsletters and Supernatural Clubs.

Online Ghost Club

If you have trouble finding people in your area then we suggest you join our online spiritual community and chat to many of the ghost club members who are active in our forums. We also have experts from many paranormal groups who can put you in touch with a ghost club in your area.

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Ghost Hunters

Read all about Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker and their Ghost Hunts. You can read about their most successful Ghost hunts and watch engaging videos of their real ghost hunts. A no-nonsense approach to ghost hunting with informative guidance about the true nature of ghosts and hauntings.

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