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Free Psychic Readings and Teachings

You can get free readings in our chat rooms from our novice psychics and mediums who practice their skills with visitors. Just sign up as a free member and enjoy our public demonstrations or upgrade to a paying member and take part in our online development classes and psychic circles.


Free Readings in our Chat Forums

Develop your psychic abilities at our online psychic classes. we offer an structured educational programme to develop mediums and psychics. The classes are available most week days for training, spiritual growth, self improvement and mediumistic progress. In the School area our trainee psychics practice their skills and free readings to some of the visitors they are drawn to.

If you are looking to develop your own psychic skills you can upgrade your free membership and we will teach you how to develop your latent potential. This course is open to the complete novice as well as to those who wish to improve their skills. The courses are conducted online in our chat rooms by some of the country’s top psychics and mediums.

The Psychic Development School

The cost of training is kept to a minimum to allow as many people as possible to develop their psychic potential. Full psychic development is of course not guaranteed as we do not expect everyone who takes the courses to become a psychic. However we do believe that everyone does have latent psychic ability that can be developed. With sincere and dedicated work perhaps you too can develop your psychic skills?

Online Psychic Development

Our psychic development classes are conducted online in our psychic Chat Rooms. An area of the Psychic Community is set aside so that we can run regular classes. The classes are staggered at different times to allow visitors from the UK, USA and Australia.

Free Reading Demonstrations

You will be able to watch our students working in our chat room areas where they demonstrate their new skills. We offer regular demonstrations with free psychic readings given to visitors. Of course these students are only at an early stage of their development, and their first steps may be a little hesitant, but you will soon realise just how far many of them have come since joining our psychic development classes.

Meet Our Teachers

You can also meet online many of the teachers who visit the public areas to chat about Spiritualism, the Paranormal and psychic issues. You will be able to ask questions and when you are ready can join the classes by becoming a full M+ member. You will also get to meet Craig Hamilton-Parker, the owner of the Community and talk to him about aspects of your own psychic advancement. The teachers will help you to improve and progress your spiritual growth and move forward to become a fully developed psychic medium.